What are your packages? 

These packages are created to be part of a holistic approach to a personal self care journey and to be part of your daily rituals. These packages are designed to encourage us to make time for ourselves, to use products free from guilt as they are all ethically sourced from brands with sustainability in mind.

Who are these packages for?

Each and every one of us. These packages can be gifted to everyone, all ages and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

What is the aim of the products in your packages?

There will be one component to support our rituals towards our bodies, one to entice our sense of smell in our surroundings, one to cleanse and one to ignite our thought patterns and mind. 

Can I buy the products by themselves?

Currently the products are bundled together and sold as part of SL Care boxes.

 Can you help me figure out how to use the Mobeco products? 
Mobeco have a great range of videos on their youtube page and on their website, follow these two links for more information.