The Story

SL Care by Serena Louise hand picks ethical and sustainable lifestyle items to create care packages, created for each and every one of you. 
These boxes are filled with products to assist you on your self care journey.
Differing from box to box but always using the self love and care approach, they are packed with love and consideration. In my Signature box there are also some handmade affirmation cards to lead you on your journey. If the boxes are purchased as a gift, a hand written note with an affirmation card is provided, just leave a note with your message!
Offered as a gift to self, a random act of kindness or a gift to give.
 Mission Statement
To introduce you to brands which resonate with my values and ensure that I discover products which you might not have otherwise come across. I hope to enable all customers to find something special that originates from brands who are ethically conscious and sustainably aware.
When creating the concept of SL care by Serena Louise, accessibility was at the forefront of my mind. I believe that we should spend time on ourselves and make room in our lives for self care routines and rituals. Our lives are busy and therefore I wanted to discover these brands for you, taking out the work, in discovering products which resonate with the values of being more ethically focused and products which allow us to use therapeutic rituals in our daily practices and routines. 

 About me

Loving yourself allows you to love others just as you would want to be loved.

Self Love and care are rituals that have always been part of my daily routine, engrained in me throughout my life, inspired by my Mother and the women around me, and through the value which I have placed on myself and my own well being. The holistic approach towards our bodies has brought me to creating SL Care by Serena Louise.

This is a concept which hopes to embody your own self love through the products and rituals featured in our SL Care boxes. 

I am a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and through my yoga study, practice and teaching I have discovered an understanding of our thought processes which are reflected in the way we move and the way we treat ourselves and our bodies.

I have created these boxes, carefully selecting brands which have sustainability at the forefront of their business, focusing where they can on ethically sourcing their ingredients, materials and elements of their products. 

My English and Thai origins influence my holistic approach to lifestyle choices and wellbeing. Through the study of mind, body and all of which we embody I have developed a concept which allows self care to be accessible, enabling you to use considered products. I hope to be part of your journey to creating your own self love and care routine.

Ethical beauty and sustainability, when it comes to our daily rituals, are deeply important to me as they allow us all to support brands and products which are sourced with thought, love and care.

Serena xx